Sound Therapy is Intentional

Updated: Feb 4

My first session with sound therapy was nothing short of a grand release. If you have been considering giving Sound therapy a try, then you are in for a treat. I laid on the table completely clothed as my technician (Tammy) placed metal bowls around the room and on my belly. She began to strike bowls when I noticed an even tone of vibration circulating the room. I'm thinking, ok this is cool, but what is going to happen? How is this going to relax me, massage me, or do anything? When I finally settled down my mind, images of people began to pop in my head like mini puffs of clouds. Faces...from the past, people I had not seen in a while and maybe a few I have not meet yet, lol. By the time I tried to catch a pattern of these images or "figure it out". Suddenly, a swooshing sound that reminded me of ocean waters hitting rocks came over the room. I was so relaxed, that I felt i was on sand. When this sound penetrated the room, the mini clouds all washed away with the sound of the Ocean.

I laid there in a state of calm....hoping it wasnt over because I had just relaxed enough to the sounds. It was over. Nothing but silence. Her soft voice asked, "how do you feel?" I felt the urge to cry. Not out of sadness but from relief. Like heavy bricks had been lifted from my shoulders and chest. I wanted to continue the release from whatever had surfaced. To give myself capacity for more, so I journaled.

We hear sounds every day. The tapping of the computer keys, the social media noise, music, voices of our loved ones and one of my favorites is laughter...the sound of laughter is beautiful.

Sound therapy is intentional for me because I get to join the flow of the vibration in a relaxed intentional way. Slowing down for this sound slows me down enough mentally it's like a soothing warm bath for the mind.

If you haven't tried a SOUND THERAPY SESSION I highly recommend you take time for yourself and give your mind a bath at SEVENSPADAYTON

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