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Nakeda Lindsey

Nakeda strongly encourages self care for men and goes all out to explore every opportunity. Nakeda's experience behind the chair as a Professional Barber, led her to witness how much men were suffering in silence. Limited access(besides church) for the renewal of their mind, body, and spirit; we have established an environment where he can express authentic emotions and mindset.

Society has conditioned men to be providers, tough, and strong; a conditioning that doesn't leave much room for breaks(timeout). The more Nakeda's clients became  comfortable sharing with her things they  wouldn't normally share with others(even significant others) she decided to provide a space specifically for HIM.  Her understanding of perception helps change the mindset for more confidence and clarity to support their efforts to have a different approach in life.

This is not a trend for Seven Spa Dayton but an assignment and purpose to help heal a segment of beings misunderstood and sometimes underappreciated.

Seven Spa is an emerging journey with a brand that transcends what you have ever experienced. Nakeda and her team of professionals look forward to providing grooming, wellness, and exclusive events to enrich his quality of life!

Our Philosophy

With numerous wellness brands on the market, it's important to be vigilant not only on the name but the quality of service, this is where Seven Spa Dayton comes in, we are committed to your journey to wellness, grooming, and style; a brand with a difference.

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